Friday, 25 January 2013

Starting an eCommerce Business

One of the most commonly asked questions about the internet is how to make money and profit from it. There are obviously many ways of going about it. From share trading, ecommerce and writing there are literally thousands of options. However while some require special skills such as a good understanding of the stock market system or excellent literary skills, selling products online is fairly easy to start and profit from.  While many people use marketplace websites such as eBay or, these companies take huge cuts of your profits, often up to twenty percent. This makes profit-making a lot harder and usually small individual sellers will be crowded out by the large companies utilizing economies of scale. That’s where comes in. eStalls allows you to create an online store completely free, and also with 0% commission. This means your profit margins increase and even double in size. Your store will also be much more unique than a boring eBay page and allow you to interact more with your customers. 

But what should you sell? There are many website claiming to have huge wholesale directories that can make you money instantly. However, most of the time all these websites do is aggregate normal search results and charge you money for it. Google is your best friend when it comes to looking for wholesalers – all wholesalers with good reputations are generally high on the search results. 

However with the advent of the internet many people now fail to look locally for stock. If you live in a large city there are wholesalers all over the place and a local pick up can eliminate postage costs and increase your profits. Don’t forget to look locally!

So once you have found what you would like to sell, eStalls lets you easily upload products and all sales will go instantly to your PayPal account. It really could not be easier to make money on the internet! Check out the site today and create a free online store.

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